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Transponder keys have dramatically brought down vehicle thefts. Ever since they have been introduced, thieves have found it difficult to open cars or drive it away by hotwiring it. Almost every major car manufacturer uses the power of the transponder  key system to improve the security features of their vehicle.

How does it work?

The plastic part of the key contains a small microchip which carries a unique serial number that is set during it initial programming. When a person wants to start the car, the key is inserted in the ignition and the chip sends a signal to the car to validate the serial number and deactivate the immobilizers. In case the wrong key is inserted and the car doesn’t recognize the signal, the immobilizers remain activated and the engine will not start.

Advanced anti-theft features

The best feature of a transponder  key system is the fact that it makes it impossible for anyone to start the car by hotwiring it. The car thieves have no chance of bypassing the security system of the vehicle and deactivate the immobilizers. To make key duplication almost impossible, many car manufacturers have started making transponder keys that come with rolling codes.

Transponder key replacements – why are they expensive?

Locksmith Service Arlington VA Arlington, VA 703-995-0800Since the sophistication involved and the kind of technology that a transponder key is backed with is unique and offers so many advantages, it comes at a price. Although most car manufacturers offer a spare key with every car but what happens when you lose both the spare and the original? You will have to look for a replacement and it doesn’t come at a cheap price. The key cutting and programming aspect of making the key is different from any key available in the market and only an expert can make such a key. A cheaper alternative is available in Arlington, VA in the form of Locksmith Service Arlington VA.

The Auto locksmith for all your transponder key needs!

We can make a new transponder key for you in a single session that too at a location of your choice. Simply call us to your location and sit back. One of our qualified locksmiths will cut and program a new key for you or reprogram an old one if your previous key has been stolen. The year, make or model of the vehicle doesn’t matter, we will cut a new key for any vehicle.

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