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Can you trust your ex-tenant whom you had to kick out of your home because of non-payment of rent? Can you be sure that they won’t try to access your home while you are away using a spare key that they did not share with you? Nothing is certain and you cannot trust a tenant that you may have enraged when you forced them out of your property. So, the best thing to do in such a situation is change the locks of your home. But what if we tell you that there is a better solution that is cheaper and that will keep out unauthorized individuals. You can rekey the locks and it will serve the same purpose as a lock replacement will. Call in a locksmith service in Arlington, VA such as Locksmith Service Arlington VA and we will do the rest.

Locksmith Service Arlington VA Arlington, VA 703-995-0800What is rekeying?

The process of rekeying a lock retains the outer structure of the lock but the internal mechanism of the lock is replaced with a new configuration that can only be accessed by a new key. The new configuration makes any old key completely useless and anyone with a possession of an old key will not be able to open the lock.

Advantages of rekeying locks:

Cost benefits:

If you choose to replace the locks instead of rekeying, you will be spending quite a substantial amount. New locks can cost a lot and may not fit your budget. But lock rekey can be done at a fraction of the cost of lock replacement. You need to replace the whole lock as only the internal pins are reconfigured, making it an inexpensive procedure.

Rekeying enhances your current locks

When the internal pins and tumblers are being replaced during a rekey procedure, an expert locksmith will not simply do simple replacement. They will also lubricate the lock, so that it works seamlessly after the rekey procedure. Apart from that, if there is a flaw in the locking mechanism, it can be easily detected by a locksmith and fixed during the rekey procedure.

Rekey to master key system for better security

The best application of locks rekey can perhaps be seen when it comes to rekeying a building to set up a master key system. An entire building can be easily rekeyed to a master key system and you don’t necessarily need to spend on expensive repairs, as long as the locks are in trim condition.

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