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Hardware stores are popular among people who are looking for a cheap alternative to a lost key. They know they will get a new cut key at a hardware store for almost very cheap prices but most of them don’t realize a very important fact. The keys that they get made at a hardware store don’t have a very long shelf life. You would be lucky if one of the keys that you got made from a hardware store lasts more than a year. There prices are cheap and so is the quality of raw materials and the tools that they use to make the keys. Most of the keys are poorly crafted and one’s that are cut properly don’t generally last long during operation. That is why you need to hire a locksmith and key service that may not be as cheap but will be highly affordable and reliable at the same time.

Locksmith VS handyman: the professional difference:

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A handyman may sound like a more attractive option when it comes to lock installation or key making and why not? They are cheaper and they will do the same work that a locksmith will do at, again, cheaper rates. But that is where you are wrong. A handyman may be able to install a lock at your front door but that is where their expertise ends. They will not be able to tell you which lock is the best for your property because they lack the professional insight of lock and key technician. A locksmith from a reputed lock smith and key service  like Locksmith Service Arlington VA will not only install the required locks at your property but they will help you pick out the most apt lock for your property.

What locksmith and key services do we offer?

We cut all types of keys

With the use of modern tools and gadgets we can cut keys in minutes. We use top grade material to make superior quality keys that lasts for years. We can make everything from modern transponder keys to high security keys in a single session.

The lock specialists

Our lock smith and key service specialists have helped countless individuals save precious dollars who thought that there broken lock will no longer be able to protect their home and hence needs to be replaced. Our locksmiths take it as a challenge to repair locks that seem damaged beyond repair. Along with that we also help with installations, rekeying and upgradation of locking systems.

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